How to make espresso with an AeroPress

How To Make Espresso With An AeroPress | Easy Recipe

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Many of us have doubts about whether is it possible to make espresso with an AeroPreso or how to make espresso with an AeroPress. Normally, AeroPress is used as a black coffee brewing device; there has always been a demand for espresso somewhere in the mix. The AeroPress and the espresso machines can make espresso, but our primary purpose is to tell the users that we can make espresso using AeroPress.

The main thing which is necessary while making the espresso is pressure. So both the devices ( espresso machines and the AeroPress) utilize the pressure but the pressure exerted by the espresso machine is greater.

Espresso machines work by exerting the pressure of 9 bars which shows how the espresso machines work. However, the pressure exerted by the AeroPress device is merely a way to separate the brewed coffee from the grounds. So this pressure does not contribute to the lot of the extraction itself.

How Does the AeroPress Work?

The good thing about AeroPress is that it produces the rich taste we ever wanted. It is done by filtration using pressure and steeping also. It works by placing the paper microfilter over the end of the larger tube.

Then fill that tube with finely ground coffee and hot water. Mix the mixture by stirring, then wait for a few minutes and let it steep. Then we have to take the plunger to force the liquid into the receiving vessel with the help of filter paper.

Can AeroPress Make an Espresso?


This is the central question that comes into our mind whether AeroPress can make espresso or not. The primary purpose of the AeroPress is to force the hot water through the coffee grounds at about 9 bars of pressure. This equals 130 PSI or 130 pounds per square inch of pressure.

A person can quickly drive almost  25 to 50 PSI through AeroPress. Usually, the device will not be able to stand by itself if you put more pressure. Remember that espresso is the only coffee drink brewed under pressure; Aeropress and Moka pot is also brewed under pressure.

However, from all these, espresso is the real one which requires a lot of pressure to break down the coffee grinds quickly. This way, you can extract the rich taste of espresso. When you brew the coffee under high pressure, you can easily create the identifying layer of crema on the top of a real espresso shot.

What are the Things Required to Make Espresso with an AeroPress?

What are the things required to make espresso with an AeroPress?

You can easily make espresso using an airplane, but the brewing methods might differ according to the requirement. Some experts add a few extra items to make the coffee as close to espresso as possible with the AeroPress.

For making the espresso with an AeroPress, you require the following things. These things are essential to make the best espresso shot possible.

  • A lot of hot water
  • Large coffee mug perfect for AeroPress to sit on top of it.
  • Microgram scale or coffee scale
  • A long-handle temper
  • Coffee bean grinder, preferably a burr grinder
  • Whole roasted espresso coffee bean
  • AeroPress coffee filters
  • AeroPress brewing device

All these are necessary items for creating an espresso-style coffee shot from an AeroPress. When there is a difference in the items or the method, you cannot brew the exact espresso coffee you want.

How to Make Espresso with an AeroPress

How to make espresso with an AeroPress

Keep in mind that it is not difficult to make an espresso coffee with the help of AeroPress. However, it is a bit challenging compared to the standard brewing methods. You can easily make espresso with an AeroPress through a few simple steps.

Make sure you grind the coffee beans to the correct consistency and measure the correct amount of coffee. You should prepare the AeroPress for brewing and ensure that this method gives you an excellent espresso-style brew. If you follow these instructions carefully, you will get a robust and intense espresso.

Step 1: Preparing the Coffee Grounds

Preparing the coffee grounds

If you want a good taste and more robust coffee, it is very important to use freshly ground coffee beans. It is better to get free ground beans, but they will not taste as good as intense or freshly ground beans.

First, you should measure the roasted coffee beans using the coffee or microgram scale. It also depends on how stronger you prefer the espresso. Adding an extra gram of coffee is good because it is dangerous to lose coffee while grinding and transferring.

First, place the coffee beans in the grinder and grind them to medium consistency. Make sure you are not grinding the coffee into a fine powder because a medium fine is best to extract the maximum taste.

Step 2: Preparing the AeroPress

Preparing the AeroPress

In this step, we have to prepare the AeroPress for brewing. Here, first, we unscrew the filter cap of the AeroPress and put one AeroPress paper filter. Then close the cylinder by screwing the cap back on it.

Then put the AeroPress on top of the big coffee mug. After that, heat the water and pour it through the AeroPress. This is very important as AeroPress will be preheated and remove the unwanted paper flavor from the coffee filter. It also preheats the mug and keeps in mind that it is a very important step in brewing the perfect AeroPress espresso.

Step 3: Wet Coffee

Wet Coffee

Step 3 is not very important but it improves your coffee’s flavor. It also gives you the best extraction of coffee grinds. First, remove the water from the mug under the AeroPress. Then proceed further by placing the brewing device back into the mouth.

Then remove the freshly ground coffee beans from the grinder and put them in the bottom of the AeroPress cylinder.

Next, we have to extract the dark coffee grains, which can be done by pouring a small amount of hot water on the coffee grinds. Ensure that the water is in a quantity that is enough to wet the task.

Then take a long stirrer or spoon and stir the grinds smoothly to ensure they are wet. Make sure you proceed to the next step quickly so the coffee beans will not get burned before brewing.

Step 4: Creating the Puck

Creating the puck

Proceeding towards this step will provide the coffee with the best flavor. At this time, you must slightly wet the second AeroPress filter and put it at the bottom of the long-handled temper.

Then press the filter on the top of the wet coffee grinds using the tamper in the cylinder of the AeroPress. Then we will ensure that the coffee grounds are fully compacted together, which can be done by pressing the coffee grounds with the help of the tamper.

Then leave the secondary filter on the top of the coffee grounds by twisting the temper as you remove it. This process is called a puck, and it is important for brewing espresso with this method.

Step 5: Start Brewing

Start Brewing

When the puck is formed, you must quickly add the hot water to the cylinder. The water temperature should be 200 to 208 degrees Fahrenheit. Up to “2”  markings, you must fill the cylinder with hot water.

The volume of water you will take is roughly 125 ml, which is ideal for this method. Now, wait almost 1 1/2 minutes before moving to the next step.

Step 6: Pressurizing the AeroPress

Pressurizing the AeroPress

For brewing the perfect espresso-style coffee, it is very important to pressurize the AeroPress. First, you should put the AeroPress plunger in the cylinder at a particular angle.

Keep in mind that you should not press it deeply into the cylinder, and make sure that some air is passing between them to create a gap. This gap is between the plunger and the inner wall of the cylinder.

After inserting the plunger in the cylinder at a particular angle, you have to straighten it so that it contacts the inner chamber of the cylinder. When you think that the plunger is straightened up, pull the plunger a little bit. After doing this, high pressure will be created within the cylinder chamber.

Make sure that the cylinder is pressurized, and you can check this by lifting the AeroPress. If there is any leakage, then it means that the cylinder is not pressurized. So you have to pressurize the cylinder again.

Step 7: Plunge


In this step, we have to plunge the coffee, which is done when the plunger is in the AeroPress cylinder for some seconds. At this time, the coffee will brew for 1 and a half minutes. You must be careful while doing this step because these are compressed coffee grinds with two filters.

Doing this step, you feel difficulty in pushing the plunger, and at this time, you have to press it deeply. Then the plunger will go downwards, and when it starts moving downwards, keep pushing smoothly and evenly.

Then it reaches the bottom of the cylinder at last. Continue pressing the plunger until it reaches the coffee. Then there is no chance of pushing it anymore. This pushing of the AeroPress will take 20 to 30 seconds.

Step 8: Enjoying the Espresso

Enjoying the Espresso

Remember that the coffee you get through this method allows the coffee to be brewed and extracted at a higher pressure than normal. When you press the coffee completely from the AeroPress, there should be about 3 to 4 ounces of coffee in the mug.

At this time, you will get stronger and richer-tasting coffee similar to espresso. You can then enjoy your coffee as espresso. On the other side, you can also make espresso-based coffee drinks such as latte or cortado through this method.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make espresso with an AeroPress?

Yes, you can easily make espresso with an AeroPress, but ensure the coffee is finely grounded. Other requirements are rapid plunge and hot water. Making espresso with AeroPress is not the exact espresso, but it is so close.

Does espresso produce crema in AeroPress?

Yes, with the help of AeroPress, you will get crema-style coffee foam. However, true espresso needs an espresso machine to make a drink we enjoy.

How much coffee is needed for 1 cup of AeroPress?

2.6 grams of coffee is enough per fluid ounce of water while brewing through an AeroPress. You will get concentrated brews more than most brewing techniques.

Final Words

It is a little bit tricky to make espresso through an AeroPress. Keep in mind that we all need good pressure to make a good shot of espresso. For making espresso through an AeroPress, we need 9 bar pressure. Remember that AeroPress espresso may be close to the espresso through a simple espresso machine. In this post, we have discussed how to make an espresso in AeroPress.

AeroPress is considered a good substitute for a traditional cup of espresso through an espresso machine. I hope you like this post, as it will give you all the related information about making espresso through AeroPress. You can ask us in the comment section if you have any suggestions or questions.

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