How to Make Cold Brew in a French Press(1)

How to Make Cold Brew in a French Press

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Do you want to know how to make cold brew in a French Press? Coffee is a fantastic drink that can always make your mind fresh. Many people like hot coffee, whereas some also like cold coffee. This post is for those who are cold coffee lovers. This post will discuss how to make cold brew in a French Press. Keep in mind that brewing coffee in a French Press at home is very easy.

Benefits of cold brew coffee in a French Press

There are many good things about cold brew coffee; for example, it is an extra strong and smooth coffee with less acidity. Another advantage of cold-brewed coffee is that it is much cheaper than store-bought coffee. You need three things for it: ground coffee, cold water, and a French Press.

What is Cold Brew? Why do we use the French Press?

How to make a cold brew in a French Press; Do you have any doubts in your mind? This post will clarify your doubts about making cold brew in a French Press. Cold brew coffee is very different from traditional coffee, where you have to soak the grounds of coffee in water at a cool temperature for 24 hours.

It is very different from drip coffee, where we percolate hot water over the coffee grounds in a filter. So the question arises why it is different. Cold-brew coffee comes up with a delicious and silky smooth flavor that is perfect for iced coffee.

Why do we make cold brew coffee in a French Press?

We make this coffee in a French Press because it is a much easier and cleaner method than the traditional cold brew coffee method. It gives you more flavor as compared to conventional cold coffee.

However, the cold brew coffee’s ratio is slightly different from the traditional method. So if you want to enjoy the particular taste of cold brew coffee, you must follow the recipe strictly.

Although you can purchase cold brew coffee made in a French Press from different restaurants, making it at home will make it more economical. Although you should be strict with the recipe for the desired taste, you can customize your drink according to your taste.

Ingredients for cold brew coffee in a French Press

Coarsely ground coffee will be perfect for making cold brews. Do not use coffee in powder form as your coffee will become cloudy, and the taste also changes. Using flavored coffee will take you to the next level. Now let us see the major ingredients for the cold brew in a French Press.

1. Creamer

You can add creamer to your coffee according to your desire. You can choose any kind of milk and whether it is almond milk, cashew milk, whole milk, etc.

2. French Press

You need a French press to complete your process of cold coffee brewing. You can also order French Press online from Amazon.

3. Water

Water is also needed to brew the cold coffee, but ensure that you add the appropriate amount.

Exceptional ingredients

You can also add other exceptional ingredients, such as chocolate sauce or caramel sauce, to give your coffee a delightful taste.

Equipment for cold Brew coffee

How can we make cold brew in a French press; What equipment is needed for it?

1. Coffee grinder

As we have taken ground coffee, so we need to grind it. You can also go for an electric coffee grinder; if you don’t have one, you can use a coffee mill, but it just takes a little longer.

2. French Press

The most important piece of equipment for cold brew coffee is the French Press. If you don’t have the French Press, you can purchase it online from Amazon.

3. Filtered water

Many prefer filtered water for cold brew coffee because it gives you the best flavor.

What is the ideal ratio for cold brew coffee?

Making cold brew in a French Press mainly depends on the ratio for cold brew coffee. Remember that the french press ratio is slightly different from the standard cold brew ratio.

For this purpose, you need more coffee in a French Press, achieving high strength in cold brew concentrate.

Cold-brew concentrate-to-water ratio 1:1

During French press cold Brew, you will end up with a pitcher of concentrate. So you must add one part concentrate and one part water or milk in a glass.

Ground coffee to water ratio

The ratio between water and ground coffee is 1:6 by weight. In other words, if we take 140 grams of coffee, we must add 840 grams of water. It means two cups of coffee grounds in 3 ½  cups of water.

How to make cold brew coffee in a French Press?

The process of formation of cold brew in a French Press is very easy. The only hardest thing is that you have to wait for 24 hours for the coffee to brew. Now it’s time to see the step-by-step process of making the cold brew in a French Press:

Step 1: Grinding the coffee

First, take two cups of coffee beans and grind them in medium coarse.

Step 2: Mixing coffee grounds and water

Then add these coffee grounds and three and a half cups of filtered water into the French Press. With a spoon, stir the mixture thoroughly.

Step 3: Refrigerate for 24 hours

After making the mixture in a French press, you must refrigerate it for 24 hours. Cover it with foil or plastic wrap, then put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Step 4: Plunge and strain

In this step, you must place the lid on a French press. After putting the lid on, slowly press the plunger down. Here you will get the cold brew concentrate. Pour the cold brew concentrate into a pitcher or a glass jar.

Step 5: Serving

The last step is serving the cold brew; if you want a dilute cup of cold brew, you will make ½ cup of cold brew with ½ cup of water or milk. On the other hand, if you serve with ice, you can use the ice with ½ cup cold brew concentrate and ¼ cup water. With a French press, you can enjoy your favorite cold-brew coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a cold brew without caffeine?

Yes, you can make a cold brew without caffeine as you are making it a home, and you can use any type of coffee.

Can I make cold brew in a French Press?

Yes, you can make a cold brew in a French press by steeping coffee in water for 24 hours at a cool temperature.

Why is cold brew coffee so popular?

Cold brew coffee is so popular because of having a smoother and less acidic taste. Cold-brew coffee is best for people with the most sensitive stomach or palate.

Final Words

Now that you are fully clear about the process, how to make cold brew in a French Press. Throughout this post, we have explained in detail what cold-brewed coffee is, how to make it, and how to make it in a French Press.

The only difference between traditional cold coffee and this type is that you must put the coffee in a refrigerator for 24 hours. Cold-brew coffee stands out in the market due to its great taste though it is stronger than cold coffee.

Overall, it is a fresh taste of coffee with less acidity where you can add water or milk according to your preference.

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