How To Make Cold Brew With An Aeropress

How To Make Cold Brew With An Aeropress | Easy Recipe

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Many people like to brew cold coffee as it is the most desired coffee in the world. You will be surprised that cold brew coffee is famous for its bold, smooth, and chocolatey taste. While making the soft cup of cold Brew, we are also considering using another favorite cold brew coffee with an Aeropress.

According to experts, Aeropress is not well suited for making cold coffee. The reason is that cold Brew is usually made in large containers and filters in big batches. But if we talk about Aeropress, it is a tiny piece of equipment unfavourable for making cold brew coffee. This blog post will walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to make cold brew with an Aeropress. So let’s dive in!

Is It Possible To Make Cold Brew Using An Aeropress?

Yes, you can make cold brew coffee using Aeropress, which is not as difficult as people think. You must put some coffee in the device and let it sit for the night.

This post will discuss how to make cold Brew using an Aeropress. We will discuss different steps in detail so you can easily follow the process at home.

What Is An Aeropress?

With the help of Aeropress, you can make cold brew coffee in just minutes in a fun and exciting way. The Aeropress is a piston-style brewer through which the coffee is forced into a cup through the paper filter. With the help of Aeropress, you can brew a single cup of coffee at a time.

You will wonder now that you will get the ultimate taste of coffee using AeroPress. It is durable and small, making it a favorite device among campers and travelers.

What Do You Need To Make Cold Brew Using An Aeropress?

  • One coffee grinder
  • Aeropress coffee maker
  • Aeropress filter paper
  • 132-gram water at room temperature
  • 30-gram coffee beans suitable for cold brewing

Brew Time

  • 5 Minutes


2 Cups

What Type of Beans Should You Choose?

For making this type of coffee, ensure that the coffee grounds are lower in acidity. Ultimately, it will give you a smoother and more balanced cup of cold Brew.

The above-described recipe is for two cups of cold Brew.

If you want to make more cups of coffee, you can increase the number of ingredients. Here, in this process, we will make a cold brew coffee concentrate and then add the water to make our delicious and drinkable cup of coffee.

This method is brewing normal coffee with an inverted Aeropress. Simple cold coffee is also made through this process. The difference between these types of coffee is the difference in the ratio of coffee to water. The temperature of the water is also different, as well as the steep time.

How to Make Cold Brew With An Aeropress

How to Make a Cold Brew With An Aeropress

The method we discuss below is the easiest way to make cold-brew coffee. However, the only disadvantage of using Aeropress is that it cannot make a larger batch of cold coffee.

You can only make one to two cups of coffee using this method. This is why making coffee using Aeropress is ideal for 1 to 2 people. Making cold brew coffee using Aeropress takes 2 minutes.

1. Take Out 30 g of Whole Coffee Beans

After selecting your favorite coffee beans first, weigh 30 g of coffee, prepare your coffee beans for grinding, and ensure this stuff is necessary to get the right potency.

The manufacturers always recommend measuring the coffee by weight, not by volume. The reason is that the volume and weight of the coffee are different due to the difference in density.

2. Grinding Your Beans On A Coarse Settings

As you want to steep cold Brew for 24 hours, it is necessary to grind the coffee as coarse as you can. Do not grind the coffee too much, as it will cause it to over-extract. Unfortunately, it will pull out all the unwanted acidity and bitterness you don’t want.

If you want, lessen the steep time, such as 4, 8, or even 12 hours. Then it would help if you do the more acceptable grind size, but the experts do not recommend it. You have to wait, and your cold brewed will taste good.

3. Inverting Your Aeropress And Adding Coffee

While using an Aeropress, you should experiment with brewing inverted. So it would help to place the plunger into the top of the brewer and flip it.

It is essential to know that you should invert the Aeropress because you want the coffee and water to steep for at least 24 hours. So start the process, invert the Aeropress, set your scale, and add the ground coffee.

4. Adding Water and Stirring

In this step, firstly, you must add the water but ensure that you are adding the water at room temperature. Also, the quantity of the water should be 132 gm if you want to get exact cold brew coffee through an Aeropress.

Remember that even if you are making a cold brew, it does not need to be cold until now. The reason is that you will get the best results when you brew the coffee at room temperature.

The manufacturers highly recommend not putting the Aeropress in the fridge too steep. This is because it will slow down the process further. When you add the water, stir it gently with a spoon or paddle.

This ensures all the coffee grounds are in contact with the water. Then go over the top of the Aeropress with a cup or filter. This is done to prevent anything from falling into the coffee.

5. Let Sit the Aeropress For 24 Hours At Room Temperature

You must wait 24 hours to enjoy the cold brew coffee. You can do all your routine work at this time, and after 24 hours, your delicious cold Brew is ready.

6. Placing the filter paper in the basket and rinse

Now the 24 hours have passed, and your cold Brew is ready. But make sure that you extract the coffee properly.

So you can start by rinsing your paper filter. It is noted that rinsing the filter paper is very necessary because it will wash away any paper taste that might affect the coffee.

Adding a filter to the basket, fix it on the Aeropress, and flip it onto a glass

Now, you have to add the filter to the opening of the inverted Aeropress. Make sure to place your cup upside down on the top of the brewer and flip the Aeropress onto the cup.

This thing is necessary to prevent the coffee from dripping. After flipping, ensure you are holding the cup on the opening.

To finish it quickly, you can either plunge it down. At this time, it can easily drip and let dry for two to three minutes.

7. Cleaning Your Aeropress

Cleaning the Aeropress is very much necessary, and after the extraction of the coffee, put the grounds into the trash and rinse your Aeropress. Don’t worry, the cleaning of the Aeropress is very easy.

8. Finishing Your Cold Brew by Adding Milk or Water

Now, we have got our coffee concentrate, and keep in mind that this coffee concentrate is very strong. We can add milk or water to make a tasty cup of coffee this time.

According to experts, you should start with equal parts water to coffee and then adjust it further if required.

It means that if you have 100 grams of coffee concentrate, you would add 100 g of water. Now, it’s your choice whether to add more or less water. In the end, you will serve your coffee with ice cubes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Aeropress Different from The French Press?

The main difference is that French presses are more prominent, whereas Aeropress is smaller. French dresses normally range from 8 oz to 48 oz size.

The Aeropress is manufactured with food-safe rubber, which is highly durable under pressure. The plunger filter cap and brewing chamber are the few parts of Aeropress.

How Many Tablespoons of Coffee Should You Use For Cold Brew?

You should use two tablespoons of coffee per 1 cup of water.

What Happens If You Brew Cold Coffee for Much Time?

According to experts, brewing cold coffee is unsuitable for more than 24 hours. If you do not know how long to brew the cold coffee, you risk steeping it too long. So when you drink this coffee after long brewing, you will ultimately easily judge the woody and dusty taste.

Final Thoughts

Brewing cold coffee is common, and brewing through an Aeropress is very easy. Although I discussed all the steps, making an excellent Aeropress cold brew takes just a few minutes.

Here, we have discussed what an Aeropress is and how it differs from the French press. Also, we discussed all the steps in detail about how to make cold Brew through an Aeropress. I hope you like this post, as it gives you all the information about making cold Brew.

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