How To Make A Cold Brew Latte At Home

How To Make A Cold Brew Latte At Home | Quick Recipe

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Introducing cold brew latte, a coffee alternative that doesn’t require expensive lattes. You will learn how to make a cold brew latte at home in detail in this article. Suppose you love to go to a coffee shop and want to enjoy the latte but do not have extra money, then why not make a cold brew latte at home?

Normally, people go for a black coffee in the morning, but in the afternoon, they feel sleepy and want another cup of coffee. But it is not a good option to go to the coffee shop and spend money buying latte or cappuccino frequently.

You are at the right place if you want to save money and make coffee shop-style lattes. So you can easily make a cold brew latte in your home. This is a very simple recipe and easy to make. Therefore, making the cold brew latte is a cheap option.

What Is A Cold Brew Coffee?

In cold brewing, we make coffee without any heat or boiling water. You can do cold brew by soaking coarsely ground coffee beans in water at room temperature. You have to soak them for about 12 to 24 hours. After that, you will filter it out, and as a result, you will get a smooth coffee that is low in acidity. It is also free of any bitterness. You will get a more concentrated and stronger coffee through cold coffee than the normal drip coffee maker.

Things Required for Making A Cold Brew Latte

For making a cold brew latte, you need the following things.

  • Jar or pitcher
  • Coarsely ground coffee beans
  • Strainer
  • Some cheesecloth
  • Water

These ingredients show that it is easy to make.

Tools For Making Cold Brew Latte

For making a cold brew latte, you need simple tools easily available in your kitchen.

Burr Grinder

Burr Grinder

To meet perfectly ground beans, you should go for a burr grinder. The good thing about the burr grinder is that it can grind the beans at a consistent size. Through this grinder, you can change the grind size so you can also use it for coarse ground beans.

Although this burr grinder can grind the coffee beans to a particular size, it can finely grind beans for espresso and mid-size grounds for regular drip coffee.



For the best-tasting cold brew latte, scaling is very important. First of all, weigh your beans in grams or ounces. The food scale is an accurate, inexpensive, and handy device to weigh your beans for the perfect brew quickly.

French Press

French Press

Sometimes, the manufacturers do not recommend it for cold brew, but if you use it frequently, you should use the French press. The reason is that it is less messy and easier to use than a jar and a cheesecloth. Keep in mind that using cheesecloth is not an easy task. But it is cheaper because you can reuse it for a long time.

How To Make A Cold Brew Latte?

This part of the post will discuss the ingredients used to make the cold Brew latte. Keep in mind that there is no need to have fancy equipment or ingredients; it is a simple recipe. If you don’t have a French press in your kitchen, you can strain it over a bowl or a large mug with cheesecloth in a strainer.

Ingredients Used In Cold Brew Latte

  • Ice cubes
  • Cold brew coffee
  • Cow’s milk or 2% fat milk

The good thing about the cold Brew latte recipe is that you can change the taste of the coffee according to your desire by adding different things.

It is good to go for low-fat milk for this recipe because it produces the best cold foam. We all know that cold foam gives iced coffees a delicious taste and structure.

How To Make A Cold Brew Latte At Home?

How To Make A Cold Brew Latte

Cold Brew Latte at Home

You can start making this coffee at home when you have all these ingredients. First of all, you have to grind your favorite coffee beans. Now,it's your choice whether you want medium to coarsely ground beans for the best results. This coffee comes in the category of the most delicious coffee and is usually made with equal amounts of cold foamed milk and an equal amount of cold brew.
Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes


  • 2% fat milk: ½ cup
  • Cold brew coffee: ½ cup
  • Ice cubes
  • Sweetener (optional)


  • Take the coarsely ground coffee into a large pitcher or mason jar and then fill the jar with cold water.
  • As I also discussed earlier, you can add the coffee beans into a French press. On the other side, you can also use the cheesecloth by placing the crushed beans and tying up all the corners. In this way, no coffee grounds escape before brewing.
  • Then put the cold water over everything and stir it together until it is mixed thoroughly.
  • Then cover the container and put it in the refrigerator for the night.
  • Once the mixture has been refrigerated for about 14 hours or more, strain it through a strainer lined with cheesecloth into a large mug or bowl.
  • Alternatively, you can easily press the plunger and get the delicious filtered cold brew using a French press.
  • Here, our main purpose is to remove all the grounds from the water after they set into the bottom of the glass.
  • Now, you have to add the milk but ensure that it has a lot of foam on the upper layer. Pour the milk into your cold brew.
  • Then take another glass and put ice cubes in it, and then put the cold brew in this glass. Now, you can easily enjoy your amazing cold brew latte.

Benefits Of Drinking Cold Brew Latte

Above in this post, we have discussed in detail how to make a cold brew latte, but now it’s time to talk about its benefits. Cold brew latte stands out in the market due to its amazing taste. The reason is that it is brewed with less acidity and bitterness.

Secondly, you can make this coffee with ground coffee beans and cold water. You have to brew the coffee for longer, bringing all the flavors.

It is a must-try for those who enjoy adding milk to their coffee because it enhances its flavor. Adding milk will also help in getting more nutrients. On the other hand, people who are lactose intolerant can also use almond milk according to their choice.

Just like traditional coffee drinks, you can also enhance the flavor of this cold Brew latte by adding cinnamon, vanilla extract, or even chocolate, according to your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should Cold Brew Be Steep?

It does not matter what method you choose to make a cold brew latte; it steeps for the same amount of time.

What Type Of Coffee Beans Are Good?

You choose which coffee beans you like; however, you can use any beans to make cold-brew coffee. There is no need to roast the coffee beans. However, most people like medium to dark-roast coffee beans. However, I like the rich flavor of deeper-profile coffee, but it is just my choice.

Can We Add Milk To The Cold Brew Latte?

You can easily add milk and even cream to your cold Brew latte. But make sure you are adding the milk in the appropriate amount. The reason is that adding dairy milk or cream will make your coffee more like milk than coffee.

Is Cold Brew And Latte The Same?

Iced coffee is made by adding some milk and cold brew coffee. However, on the other side, iced lattes are made using more milk and strong espresso shots.

Is A Cold Brew Latte Sweet?

We all know that we use milk in cold brew, so obviously, it is slightly sweet. The good thing is that it is also less acidic than the average iced coffee. You will also like the aroma and flavor of an iced latte.

Final Thoughts

Coffee drinks made from cold brewed coffee, milk, and sometimes flavored syrup are called cold brew lattes. For cold brew coffee, coarsely ground coffee beans are steeped in cold water for 12-24 hours, depending on the severity of the weather.

Compared to regular hot brewed coffee, this process produces a smoother, less acidic, and less bitter cup. A cold brew latté is made by mixing cold brewed coffee with milk and sometimes flavored syrup. Afterward, shake or blend the mixture until it becomes frothy and creamy. Pour the mixture over ice and serve it cold.

If you are a latte lover, this post is just for you. We have also discussed the whole recipe for making a cold brew latte in detail. Please share your experience with us in the comment section.

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