7 Tips Store Green Coffee Beans at Home

7 Useful Tips to Store Coffee Beans at Home

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Coffee is a trendy drink all over the world. To get a perfect drink, the freshness of Coffee is very important. But it is very challenging to store coffee beans at home. Without maintaining the proper way, you will not be able to keep the freshness of Coffee. If you follow the proper steps, your Coffee may stay fresh for more than a year.

To get the best flavor of Coffee, it is highly recommended to store your coffee bean properly. Air, moisture, light, and heat are the most common obstacle to preserving coffee beans. If you successfully remove or minimize the impact of these things, you will be able to store your coffee beans.

How to Store Coffee Beans at Home

Some of the storage techniques are described to store your coffee beans easily at home:

1. Airtight Container

We have mentioned before that air is one of the enemies of storing Coffee. Coffee is a perishable product. Oxygen helps to increase the staling process rapidly. So an airtight container can be helpful stops or preventing oxygen from destroying your Coffee. It is also fruitful to keep the aroma and flavor of the Coffee.

2. Try to Buy a Small Amount of Coffee

If you buy a significant amount of Coffee, it will be risky to store them. So, always try to buy in a small amount per your need.

3. Keep Your Coffee in a Cool Location

If you make a mistake keeping your coffee container beside your stove or other hot places, immediately replace them in a fantastic location. Light can destroy the freshness of coffee beans. Try to keep your coffee beans in the dark to keep the actual flavor and freshness.

4. Try to Store Coffee Beans Whole

Once you grind your coffee beans, they will diminish the flavor. Besides, ground coffee loses freshness much faster than the whole bean. You can grind your Coffee at the time before you want to make your drink. So, we recommend storing coffee beans rather than ground coffee.

5. Grind Your Coffee When You Need to

You can divide your whole portion of Coffee into several batches. Then you can make a batch to grind it whenever you want. If you are an avid coffee lover, the freshness of Coffee may be a big deal to you. So grind your Coffee when you need to drink. It will keep the aroma and freshness of your drink.

6. Try to Avoid the Refrigerator

The refrigerator can absorb the moisture and aroma of your coffee beans. It is highly recommended not to keep your coffee beans in the refrigerator. Within a short time, the refrigerator will impact your coffee’s original flavor and freshness.

7. Store in the freeze only if necessary

Though we demotivate to store Coffee in the freezer, you can keep it with high protection. The quality and capacity of the freeze also matter. An unopened coffee bean bag can be stored in the freezer and will stay fresh for over two months. Try to thaw the coffee beans to room temperature. Then you may put them in the grinder.


  • A dark cupboard can be the ideal place to store your Coffee.
  • Keep your Coffee away from sunlight or other heat.
  •  A non-reactive airtight container is preferable for storing your Coffee.
  •  Try to avoid freezing
  • Freezer can destroy the taste of your Coffee
  •  Coffee beans are more long-lasting than ground coffee.

What is better for storing? Coffee bean or ground Coffee!

There are generally two forms of coffee bought for drinking. One is coffee beans, and another is ground coCoffeeCoffee beans are more long-lasting than ground coffee. You can store coffee beans and can grind them when you want. Then you will be able to enjoy the taste of fresh coCoffeeIf you try to store ground coffee in a significant amount, it will be risky to store it properly. The presence of air can quickly destroy ground coffee. So, it would help if you stored coffee beans.

How long do Coffee beans last?

The durability of your stored coCoffeeepends on two things. One is the roast date, and another is coffee storage. If you use a paper bag, it will last one week. If you store coffee in an opaque, it will last more than three weeks.

An airtight storage container will be able to keep your coCoffeeresh for more than eight weeks. Carbon Dioxide can act as a natural preservative. If you store your coffee bean by following the batch system, keeping them fresh for almost one year will be helpful.

Finally, the quality of coffee has a significant impact on its durability. If the quality of coffee beans is not good, it will be impossible to keep them fresh by following the type of action. So, quality assurance is very important in storing coffee beans.

Coffee can be defined as one of the most famous beverages globally. If you want to enjoy the best cup of coCoffeeusing fresh coffee is a must. But as a perishable commodity, it starts losing its taste and flavor within a very short time.

So, if you properly store coffee beans, they can stay perfect for a specific time. You can try our given way to keep your coffee beans away from air, light, heat, and moisture. So, storing your coffee beans at home is not rocket science.

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