how to clean a moccamaster coffee maker

How to Clean a Moccamaster Coffee Maker | Step-by-Step Guide

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The Moccamaster is a giant company in the coffee industry that gives tastier and yummy coffee. It is not today’s invention but was first manufactured in 1968. Still, people like this coffee maker due to its faster brewing process and the Loving taste of coffee.

Another benefit of brewing coffee in a Moccamaster coffee maker is that you can easily clean all the parts of this coffee maker. It also can make 10 cups of high-quality coffee in just about 3 minutes.

You do not have to boil the water and stand over a manual design; it automatically makes the coffee without compromising quality. However, on the other side, some rancid coffee oils and mold might accumulate, affecting the coffee’s taste. So for this purpose, in this post, we will talk about how to clean a Moccamaster coffee maker perfectly.

How To Clean A Moccamaster Coffee Maker

After building up coffee oils, organic coffee matter, and slime, it is time to clean your device. At this time, you need deep cleaning of this machine. Remember that the deep cleaning of the device will increase its longevity and ensure that it brews the best-tasting coffee.

Remember that rinsing the coffee maker with water after brewing does not effectively remove the coffee stains. So we should do a deep cleaning process to clean the machine’s internal components. After going through all these cleaning processes, you will brew the best coffee ever.

Use of Cleaning Powders

According to manufacturers, you can use CleanCaf or BioCaf cleaning powder. Remember that these cleaning powders are non-abrasive; therefore, they will not damage the internal parts of the brewer.

Another quality of these cleaning powders is that they effectively remove the residual coffee oils. Normally, other automatic drip coffee makers tell you through lights or balls that it is time to clean the coffee maker.

But unfortunately, on the other side, the Moccamaster coffee maker will not tell you it is time to clean the device. However, when the taste of the coffee is changed while brewing in the Moccamaster coffee maker, it is time to clean it.

While brewing the coffee in any coffee maker, two main ingredients are used; coffee and water. Unfortunately, water leaves the minerals, and the coffee beans leave an oily residue.

Cleaning After Every Use

It is necessary to clean your coffee machine after every use, and it ensures that no coffee oils are accumulated on the removable parts. Unfortunately, your coffee will not taste good if there is a buildup of organic coffee matter, and you will also notice unwanted flavors.

So it is good to wash the Moccamaster coffee maker with warm soapy water, and you should do it after every use. Also, wipe the outside of the coffee maker with a soft damp cloth to remove the coffee stains. Like all other components, you can easily wash the removable parts by hand with mild detergents.

Deep Cleaning Of The Device

Keep in mind that deep cleaning is the same as the machine’s descaling; the only difference is that in deep cleaning, you will use a cleaning solution instead of a descaler. For this purpose, you can use BioCaf or CleanCaf. They are very good at removing any organic material buildup.

What Is Descaling?

Scaling means the accumulation of calcium and minerals built up in the equipment. So descaling refers to removing the lime scale from the machine’s heating elements. It is a chalky deposit of calcium and minerals found in the water.

Descaling a coffee maker is necessary, but why? This limescale accumulation clogged up your copper heating elements after every brew. And therefore, it is harder for the Moccamaster coffee maker to reach the temperature you need for the perfect cup of coffee. So you should describe your machine regularly to reduce the cooking time and increase the device’s longevity.

As I also discussed earlier, this limescale buildup will affect the hot coffee’s temperature and slow the brew time. So the Moccamaster coffee maker has to work harder to make the coffee earlier.

So it is always necessary to keep the machine clean, and you should go for regular descaling and cleaning to prevent the formation of any bacteria or molds. So we have concluded that regular descaling will solve all your problems, and your coffee will taste better.

Descaling Your Moccamaster Coffee Maker

Descaling is important because it makes your morning fresh with a pleasant cup of coffee. With the help of descaling, you easily remove all the mineral buildup in your boiling element. So you can effectively and quickly brew your cup of coffee in this coffee maker. Unfortunately, according to manufacturers, if you do not descale your machine for the past 3 months, your machine might become permanently damaged. So if you want to get restaurant-style coffee, you should describe your brewer regularly.

What Is The Best Descaling Product?

According to manufacturers and experts, it is recommended to use the Durgol descaler or Urnex. These cleaners can effectively clean the device as they are non-abrasive. They can remove any mineral buildup efficiently. We can also go for a universal descaler.

Do not go for brands with high citric acid content because the acid will undergo a chemical reaction in the device. Ultimately, it results in foul order and taste.

Step-By-Step Process of Descaling the Moccamaster Coffee Maker

Here, we will talk about the descaling in detail.

  • Warm water: 32 oz (950 ml)
  • Urnex or Durgol descaler


  • First, fill the machine with water and put the powder in it.
  • Then put the solution in the water reservoir.
  • Then start the machine and run the brew cycle as you make your coffee.
  • When the brew cycle is completed, then take out all the solutions.
  • Then again, fill it with clean water, warm it, and run the brew cycle again.
  • Rinse it at least three times.

How do you clean your Moccamaster coffee maker after every use?

As I also discussed earlier, cleaning the machine regularly will sustain the device’s longevity and ensure that you will get the best-ever taste of coffee.

Performing The Deep Cleaning Regularly

According to manufacturers, you should go for deep cleaning of the machine every month or so or as often needed depending on the usage. This will ensure that your machine will work for several years.

Cleaning The Spare Parts

You should clean the removable parts of the machine with warm water and mild detergent by hand. These removable parts include an outlet arm and carafe. It is always recommended not to wash in the dishwasher because it might damage the parts, and high heat can make them brittle. Although the lid and the filter container are the only parts you can wash in the dishwasher, I still recommend you wash every remover part with your hand.

Advanced Tips for Cleaning The Moccamaster Coffee Maker

In this part of the post, we will thoroughly clean the machine. While cleaning the outside of the brewer, you can use a soft damp cloth. Cleaning the coffee machine will remove the coffee oil and organic material buildup. Now the question arises when it is time to clean your device; if you notice any accumulation of organic slime, this is the time to clean it. Follow the following steps.

You will need the following things:

  • Cleaning powder
  • Warm water: 950ml


  • First of all, mix the cleaning powder in water.
  • Then put the solution in the water reservoir.
  • Then run this solution through the machine as you would when brewing coffee.

For Rinsing

First, you must fill the machine’s reservoir with 950 ml of clean water. Then rinse the device 3 times.

How to clean the Moccamaster Glass Carafe

You can wash the glass carafe in warm soapy water by hand. You should not put it in the dishwasher because the high heat might damage the glass carafe.

How To Clean The Moccamaster Thermos Carafe

In this part of the post, we will discuss how to clean the coffee stains from the thermos carafe.

  • First, fill the thermos carafe with hot water and put 1 scoop of cleaning powder.
  • Wait for the whole night.
  • Then take out the water and clean it with a bottle brush.
  • Then rinse the thermos carafe with fresh water two to three times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Use Vinegar To Clean The Moccamaster Coffee Maker?

Sometimes, experts do not recommend using vinegar or citric acid to descale the Moccamaster. The reason is that it may negatively impact on your machine, and you will also feel the unpleasant taste of the coffee. Conversely, it might cause other issues with the machine’s mechanical parts.

How Often Should You Descale The Moccamaster?

You should descale the device after every hundred brews, and you can also remember this by making a note on your calendar. If you use a white paper coffee filter, then you can easily remember it because, in a box, 100 filters are available.

Does Moccamaster Coffee Maker Make Better Coffee?

Yes, the Moccamaster is the best device available for making the best taste of coffee.

Can We Make Two Cups Of Coffee In A Moccamaster?

Yes, you can easily make two cups of coffee in this machine, but normally it has the capability of brewing 10 cups.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning the Moccamaster coffee maker is easy, but you must regularly clean the device. The reason is that it increases its longevity, and there is always a need for cleaning it regularly because of the accumulation of limescale in the machine.

It also ensures that your coffee tastes as good as possible and your machine runs efficiently and effectively. If you do not properly clean, coffee oils and residue accumulation can build up in the filter holder.

Unfortunately, it results in a bitter-tasting cup of coffee, and in the future; it might lead to the machine malfunctioning. In this post, we discussed cleaning a Moccamaster coffee maker. I hope you like this post, as it gives you enough information about the topic.

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