How to Make Turkish Coffee Without Cezve

How to Make Turkish Coffee Without Cezve | Best Recipe

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Traditional Turkish coffee is liked by the Turkish people a lot. Now, it is gaining popularity worldwide due to its unique taste. It is usually prepared using finely ground coffee beans; you can use any coffee beans. In this article, we’ll discuss how to make Turkish Coffee without Cezve.

It is noted that Turkish coffee is made in a unique pot known as cezve. Cezve is also called ibrik and is very small in size and used for making Turkish coffee.

As I also discussed earlier, we will use finely ground coffee during brewing; the coffee stays at the bottom of the cezve. The liquid which remains is Turkish coffee, and it is to note that it is a pretty convoluted process. And indeed, it is not like one you can recreate in your kitchen.

The primary specialty of Turkish coffee is that it is highly caffeinated compared to other types of coffee. As I said, we make Turkish coffee in a unique cezve pot, but the question arises, “Can we make Turkish coffee without a cezve?

Turkish Coffee: What Is It, And How Is It Made?

Turkish coffee is a strong drink and is much stronger with a prominent flavor and consistency, just like espresso. Turkish coffee is made in a unique pot known as cezve or Ibrik. One thing more, sugar is added to Turkish coffee, so we can say it is a very sweet drink. You can also make Turkish coffee in a Turkish coffee maker.

What Does a Turkish Coffee Pot Look Like?

The Turkish coffee pot (cezve) is a bell-shaped pot with a long handle. According to experts, having these coffee pots is unnecessary for making the drink. Alternatively, you can brew Turkish coffee in a small heat-resistant pot.

First, we will fill the cezve with water and place it on a stove with low to medium heat. Once the water has boiled, add the coffee and sweetener.

Once the coffee is brewed, we will turn off the stove and wait for four minutes. Then pour the coffee into a cup; the difference here is that the coffee grounds sink to the bottom.

Turkish coffee without a cezve

How to Make Turkish Coffee Without Cezve

Turkish coffee is a traditional method of brewing coffee that produces a strong, intense, and flavourful cup of coffee. It is usually brewed in a small pot called a cezve, but here we will talk about how to make Turkish coffee without Cezve.
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Prep Time 3 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 13 minutes
Course Beverage
Cuisine Turkish
Servings 2
Calories 11 kcal


  • Stove
  • Spoon
  • Heat resistant cup
  • Coffee beans


  • 2 tbsp Ground Coffee
  • 5/6 ounces  Water
  • 2/3 tbsp Suger Optional


  • Heat the water in a saucepan over medium heat.
  • Add ground coffee and sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved.
  • Allow the mixture to come to a boil and then reduce the heat.
  • Let it simmer for about 2 minutes.
  • Pour the coffee into a cup and enjoy.



Brewing Turkish coffee without a cezve is possible with a pot or pan. Simply add the desired amount of water, sugar, and coffee grounds to the pot, heat until the coffee is at the desired strength, and carefully pour the coffee into a cup.
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You will be surprised to know that you can make Turkish coffee without a cezve pot.

Steps of Making Turkish Coffee Without Cezve

Let us see the steps of making Turkish coffee without Cezve:

Step 1: Grinding the Coffee Beans

First, we have to grind the whole coffee beans into an excellent consistency, as Turkish coffee requires.

Step 2: Adding Water to A Cup

Then we will add water to a cup and make sure that the cup you have must be heat resistant. It is to note that the cezve can hold 16 ounces of coffee, so the cup must also be 16 ounces or less.

Step 3: Adding Sugar and Coffee

Step 3 will add sugar and finely ground coffee beans into the cup. First, we will add sugar, and then we will add coffee. However, if you do not like sugar, you can skip adding sugar and add the desired amount of finely ground coffee straight into the water.

Step 4: Stirring the Ingredients

In step 4, we will stir all the ingredients with the help of a spoon. Make sure you mix all the ingredients well before going further.

Step 5: Place the Cup on the Countertop

Then put the cup on medium heat on a stove. After some time, you will notice that it starts to foam. Quickly remove the cup from the heat source when the foam is close to spilling.

Then put the cup on your countertop and wait for a few seconds to ensure the foam settles down. Some people do not wait for the complete boiling because sometimes oil extraction happens with heat just before the boil.

According to many experts, putting off the cup from the stove before boiling enhances the flavor very well.

Step 6: Place the Cup on the Stove

Place the cup back on the stove on medium heat when the foam settles, and repeat step 5. If you have time, you can repeat step 5; otherwise, skip this.

Step 7: Time to Serve

This is the time to enjoy Turkish coffee, normally served in small espresso cups. However, it is your choice if you want to serve the coffee in any mug, as the tradition is not a concern for you.

Things to Consider While Making Turkish Coffee

We can follow the following things while making Turkish Coffee:

Use High Quality and Finely Ground Coffee

You will get the required results using high-quality and finely ground coffee. According to experts, you should purchase the coffee beans yourself and grind the coffee in the form of powder.

Any Small Pot Can Serve the Purpose

You can use any small pot for making coffee, but it is good if it comes with long handles. The long handle will help in taking off the stove safely. The pot should not be larger; it will be much better if you use a small pot.

Adding Sugar, Coffee, and Water In the Proper Proportion

When you add water to your pot, make sure that it is cold water, and if you decide to add the sugar, then add it at this time. Then stir the water and sugar and put a heaping tablespoon of finely ground beans in the coffee.

You can add more to your desired taste for a stronger coffee. After adding the coffee, ensure you do not stir it because it will melt into the water when you start heating it on the stove.

Adding Cardamom and Milk

The Turkish people love traditional Turkish-style coffee due to its unique flavor. Adding cardamom to Turkish coffee will add a little extra flavor. A distinctive taste can be achieved by adding milk to it, making it easier to drink.

Turkish people normally like to add cardamom and milk to make it tasty and unique. Make sure you add a pinch of cardamom powder for an additional distinct flavor profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of spices are used in Turkish coffee?

Normally, cardamom is added to Turkish coffee to give it a unique taste, and it is the signature Spice of Turkish coffee. However, adding Cinnamon and anise seeds are also in practice nowadays.

Why is my Turkish coffee bitter?

Your Turkish coffee is bitter if you over-extract from the coffee grounds while brewing coffee. However, if you want to get the exact taste of coffee, you need to extract less next time.

Is Turkish coffee healthy?

Yes, drinking Turkish coffee is very much effective in boosting energy levels. The most important benefit of drinking Turkish coffee is that it reduces the risk of different chronic diseases and lowers inflammation.

Is Turkish coffee helpful in losing weight?

Due to its low-calorie content and ability to aid in weight loss, Turkish coffee plays an important role in losing weight.

Final Verdict

Turkish coffee is a unique coffee that produces a delicious brew. Normally, we make Turkish coffee in a special pot called cezve or Ibrik. However, you can make Turkish coffee in any other part with the same quantity.

This post discusses how to make Turkish coffee without Cezve. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and will try this out to get the unique coffee. Adding cardamom and Cinnamon will open your mind and give you a unique flavourful coffee.

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